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About HOH

HOH is the world's first and only smart platform driven by block chain technology for energy transfer data model and energy efficiency improvement. HOH is a distributed data storage protocol based on block chain technology. We will strive to build a block chain asset platform based on energy data to promote energy conservation, environmental protection and efficient energy trading.

Technical Architecture

Trading layer

The trading floor contains multiple systems including power systems, thermal systems, gas systems and transportation systems.

Extension Layer

The extension layer has two functions: intelligent contract and weak centralized management.

Intelligent contract

Intelligent contract system based on block chain technology has the dual advantages of automatic execution and trustworthiness.

Block Chain Layer

Block chain layer is the basic technology of transaction architecture, which is composed of P2P network and block chain storage devices.

Consensus mechanism

The consensus mechanism is the core of the blockchain system, and the consensus mechanism is closely related to the security, stability, and efficiency of the system.

Ecological construction

With the development of the world economy, the power consumption is increasing day by day, and the contradiction of energy shortage is quite prominent. On the other hand, the excessive use of coal and oil may lead to the destruction of the earth's natural environment, and the development of nuclear power plants on a larger scale is feared to pose a threat to human life and safety. HOH has the responsibility and obligation to lead the users of HOH ecosystem to help explore the new energy needed for human development.

HOH token parameter

Allocation scheme

Token issuance plan

Name of token issue:HOH
Total circulation: 300 million
Issuance price: 0.03 per unit$

Team introduction

Neil Mahi
Chief Engineer-Technical Director
  • Neil has a Master of Business Administration from ISCAE, and then specializes in computer science. Neil has more than 20 years of software development experience and more than 4 years of block chain bottom technology development experience. In addition, Neil was a professional poker player, proficient in four languages.
Neil Mahi

Chief Engineer-Technical Director

Kellen Hampton
Chief Engineer
  • Kellen has served as Director of Public Relations in a well-known multinational group. He has rich experience in public relations development and maintenance. He has many years of practical investment experience in the field of digital currency and government media industry resources.
Kellen Hampton

Marketing Director

Valentina Andrew
Operations Director
  • Senior block chain entrepreneurs have created and successfully incubated many block chain projects. He has rich experience in the process of private and public offering of block chain projects, accumulated abundant channel resources in the industry, and maintained cooperative relations with several digital money exchanges.
Valentina Andrew

Operations Director

Development Planning